JJ 26 Cover

Classic Pulp!

GHOSTS! VIGILANTES! FEMINISM! JUSTICE! Jungle Jim Issue #26 is OUT NOW! Cover designed by Hannes Bernard!

“Madam General flew out of her seat at that and plastered a slap across my cheeks, the skin on my cheek turned red from the heat, like slowly roasting meat.

I slapped her in return and before the other clients knew it we were slamming around the room remodelling each other’s physiques with blows.
It was only the boys from the mechanic workshop next door that were able to tear us apart.”


Featuring stories from Diriye Osman, Ayibu Makolo, Pravasan Pillay and of course, the continuation of our Botswanan serial CLAWS OF A KILLER by Lauri Kubuitsile!